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Our experienced human resources are constantly next to the entrepreneur with a weekly visit to his business, with continuous telephone and electronic communication, with often scheduled appointments at the office for information, advice and directions.

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Our tax tips help reduce your annual taxes, so you can invest more in your company.

Private Sector Accounting Services

  • Accounting and Tax monitoring
  • Accounting and procedures organization
  • Payroll Support Services in Labor and Insurance issues

Public Sector Accounting Support

  • Public Health Units
  • O.T.A.
  • N.P.D.D.

Consultant agency

  • Development studies
  • Preparation of Strategic and Business Plans
  • Checking the conditions of business inclusion in the law

Payroll and Human Resources Support

  • Timely and valid Monthly Calculation of Payroll & Insurance contributions and issuance of monthly payment receipt
  • Keeping an employee’s personal file
  • Processing of all insurance cases (recruitment, dismissals, departures, etc.)


The company “Toumpeki A. – Blathra E. OE” was established in October 2010 and is active in the field of accounting and tax services and in general in the field of business support and consulting in matters of economic and technical nature.

The main concern of the company, its associates and the people who work in it and have been active in this field for many years, is to be for the customers and the entrepreneurs who turn to it, that “vital” part of their business, the ” necessary condition “to be able to meet an objectively difficult economic environment.

The conditions in which today every entrepreneur is called to respond, in order to be able to support his business, require collaborations with people who have experience, act with the aim of the right result and with provision for their interests.

Above all, however, this company aims to highlight and propose those ways through which every economic entity will be able not only to survive but also to establish itself in a volatile economic environment and to make the most of any opportunities or Opportunities can arise, even if this is difficult or impossible.

For the members of this company but also for its associates, the most important element of every move and every choice is the responsibility for the services provided and the effectiveness of our actions. So that we can remain the “only choice” in the area in which we operate.

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Riga Fereou 111, Pyrgos, 27100, Prefecture of Ilia

2621024920 Fax: 2621024921

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