Accounting Services

For Business

  • Keeping books of B and C category
  • Grant schemes
  • Computerized Payroll
  • Organization and supervision of accounting
  • External work for businesses
  • Start – Change – Termination of Company

For Individuals

  • Tax statements
  • Advice on labor issues
  • General Accounting Services
  • Land Registry
  • Tips for covering items
  • Electrification of new buildings

Keeping books of B and C category

We undertake the keeping and updating of the Books, Haplographic or Diplographic, in individual companies and in companies – Ο.Ε. – EU. – Ltd. – PC & SA

Effective organization and responsible bookkeeping of all categories is the beginning of a successful activity.

Proper observance and registration of all documents leads to the effective analysis of financial data and their comparison from year to year.

We provide:

  • Fully Computerized bookkeeping of B ‘and C’ category.
  • The books are updated in our office or at your business.
  • All invoice entries in our accounting program are re-checked for the absolute accuracy of the accounting results.
  • Submission of temporary and final FMI declaration.
  • Electronic submission and payment of VAT return through the TAXIS system and e-banking.
  • Aggregate invoice statements. Settlement of pending tax cases, compromises and in general all external work that is pending from the past or may arise in the process.
  • Transformations / mergers.
  • Accounting results, balance sheets, reports, forecasts.
  • Useful tips for improving your finances and minimizing taxes.

Grant schemes

We undertake:

  • The Design and Support of Investment Plans & Programs
  • Proposals for Inclusion in National and Community NSRF financial support programs
  • Design and Preparation of Investment Plans & Programs
  • Preparation of economic and technical studies
  • Viability and Feasibility Studies
  • Compilation and submission of the file to the competent body and its monitoring.

Computerized Payroll

Our office provides computerized payroll services with modern specifications. No matter how much staff you employ from one to many more people, we ensure the correct monthly issue and monitoring of payroll.

We provide:

  • Fully computerized payroll for businesses or individual projects.
  • Electronic Submission of APD (stamps) to IKA.
  • Representation in labor inspectorate, IKA or other insurance funds and resolution of insurance disputes for the lowest possible cost.
  • Advice on labor issues, severance pay, job grants.
  • Payment of insurance contributions electronically via e-banking.
  • Computational Reports of compensation costs, budget payroll.

Organization and supervision of accounting

The development of organized accounting within the company itself gives the company added value, prestige and tools in management for immediate information and resolution of current financial issues. How your accounting will be organized, is something we will do for you and we guarantee the successful result.

We offer services such as:

  • Organization, utilization, supervision of the existing computer system or if necessary proposals for replacement or addition of part or new system.
  • Control of the application of the Tax, Labor – Insurance & Commercial law in order to avoid administrative sanctions that mean an additional financial burden for the company.
  • Checking the correct observance of the Accounting Plan and the generally accepted principles of Accounting Science.
  • Elaboration and implementation of an internal control system of the Accounting Office for the handling of cash & stocks.

Start - Change - Termination of Company

The stage of starting a business is often a laborious and time consuming stage. The correct and timely process of the establishment actions helps to start work as early as possible and therefore the fastest first inflow of revenue from this company.

We provide:

  • Representation in the Tax Office for all the work that will lead to the start (work in Registry, Audit, CBS, etc.).
  • Preparation of statutes for companies and their submission to the Court of First Instance,
  • Legal and Lawyers’ Fund, Tax Office. Creating and submitting a lease, documents for power supply license, submission of documents to the Municipality, the Prefecture or the Ministry of Development if required for an operation or installation license.
  • In case of starting a new business from the transfer of an old one, training and submission of capital gains tax. Start in OAEE and if there is staff in IKA or in any other competent subsidiary fund the company belongs to.

External work for businesses

We undertake all the accounting / financial work of our clients so that they have the opportunity to focus on their work integrally.

We undertake:

  • To transfer the invoices to our office from our clients’ companies for the information of the books and after their return together with the printed books, periodic VAT declarations etc.
  • The processing of all kinds of work in services and insurance funds, with authorizations so that our customers do not lose part of their valuable time.
  • Indicatively, we mention some of the Services in which we carry out operations for our clients: Tax Office, IKA or other insurance funds, OAEE, Labor Inspectorate, Chambers, Court of First Instance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prefectures, Municipalities, Banks.

For Individuals Services we offer:

  • Electronic submission of the income declaration in the TAXIS system as well as the real estate data (E1 –E2 – E9)
  • Immediate calculation and printing of your Clearance Note.
  • Amending, supplementary statements of previous years where deemed appropriate.
  • Tax technical tips for covering items.

General Accounting Services

Control of your salary based on the current collective agreement of the industry and your specialty.

  • Complete accounting at the headquarters of your business or at our offices
  • Organization and supervision of business accounting
  • Possibility of reorganization of accounting with modern computer systems
  • Full implementation of the accounting plan based on serving the information needs of the company
  • Preparation of accounting statements fully harmonized with the existing legislation Maintaining business payroll
  • Labor Law Tips Adaptation to International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS)
  • Compilation of production book and cost estimate
  • Execution of bureaucratic work and transactions with the State (Tax Office, Insurance Organizations, Prefecture and Chambers)

Land Registry

The correct registration of your assets in the registers of the National Land Registry and in the respective services of the Ministry of Finance is an important step to secure your property. For the inventory of your property, the relevant documents must be submitted to the cadastral offices in your area.

We provide you:

  • On your behalf, payment of the cadastral fee, submission of the application and supporting documents to the competent Cadastral office.
  • Comparison of your assets in the National Land Registry with the E9 of the tax office for the correct registration of your real estate in both competent bodies.
  • In case you have made a mistake in the past, during the first post (where the cadastral areas are announced, there are errors as well as conflicting citizen statements) that follows each cadastral phase, we proceed on your behalf to the necessary corrections.
  • Prompt service and competitive prices.

Advice on labor issues

  • Advice on dismissals and calculation of legal damages.
  • Advice on your work issues, such as changing hours, breaks, overtime, maternity leave, etc.
  • Control of your salary based on the current collective agreement of the industry and your specialty.

Tips for covering items

Electrification of new buildings

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